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Good afternoon all.
In the process of buying an arteon 150 tdi dsg R line shooting brake.
Dealer says car has wireless charging pad in it allowing it to be used to wirelessly charge my phone but then I found out that although the charging pad is actually present I can't use it because of a licensing issue with the charger and it's license for use has been revoked by vw or whoever supplied the charger and it requires an ODIS code or someone expert with VAGCOM? To make it work.. the dealership I'm getting it from don't seem to fussed about sorting this.
Seems a shame to have android auto wireless but no way to charge the phone because my phone is a note 20 ultra which will fit in the cubbyhole under the air conditioning but won't fit if I want to have a charging lead plugged in at the same time.

Anyone got any advice that would help??
A new charging pad is only 65 quid but I was told you would almost have to rewire the car to make it work which is in direct contravention of what they told me previously that the car already has one which only needs an odis code or vagcom to make it work..
Now thoroughly confused...

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