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Whats happening?

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Placed a order 3 weeks ago, deposit paid on a 1.5 TSi manual. The Mrs will not drive a auto. Exciting... told late February early March.... and then.... sorry. Its discontinued.
I can see a earlier post on the 1.5, but this was back in July.
Has anyone else suffered the same fate?
Gutted is a under statement.
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Yes unfortunately VW has again fallen pray to emission problems. There are many of us who haven't been given any ETA at all on when any model will even become available here. Are you interested in the 2.0 at all?
If you're open to owning a product from a Korean brand then the new Kia Stinger might be worth considering.
I myself have become disinterested in VW over the months due to similar issues and have been weighing out other options.
You could always consider trying to source one second hand. I would imagine there are some owners of the 1.5 who might have considered stepping up the larger engine.
Retired demos should also be available right now if you're still lucky to find them. Often there are people pre-committing before to buy them.
2 issues here,
Firstly the Manual has been dropped from the 2019 models except the 2.0ltr TDI SCR
Secondly the 1.5 TSi is still undergoing WLTP testing, which is delaying all build dates
shifting buyer demographics that include people in their 20's-30's will result in manuals dying at a faster pace
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