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Good afternoon,
I’ve had company cars for 20 years but the time has come to buy my own.
Historically I’ve had 150BHP diesel passages or currently a Superb but fancy an arteon.
I fancy something faster than 150 BHP but not sure what the MPG is like on the diesel or petrol. Can anyone help?

Same situation, 20 years in a company car scheme decided time to leave and buy my own.
Picked up a 2021 R-Line 2.0 Petrol about 6 weeks ago, before that had a 3 series diesel and before that an A4 with the same basic drive train as the Arteon.
Got to be honest compared to the A4 the 3 series felt like a tractor, I hated it.
The Arteon is fantastic, had mostly VAG cars for the last 20 years and this is my favourite model yet - getting mid 40s on a good run driving sensibly and plenty of oomph when you need it.
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