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VW - we can't fix your new Arteon. Sorry

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I purchased my Arteon last August. I have only 5000 miles on it.
I initially wanted to buy another Passat from this dealer as my first experience with them and the car were excellent.
This time, however, the sales manager showed me the Arteon. He explained that it was the CC replacement and the dealership was eager to sell the first one. Hesitant to make the jump, he added that VW has a great warranty on the car, etc. and that I am covered if anything mechanical happens to the car.
Unfortunately, shortly after purchasing the car, many of the electronic functions were not working consistently. In addition, with the loud engine and associated vibration, parts inside the car would the point that passengers were like, what's all that noise?"
Recently, the driver’s side heated seat stopped working. Push the button, it lights up, then turns off. VW said it would be a simple fix.
Over a week later and a number of different stories, the VW maintenance / care guy basically told me the part doesn't exist yet and that he'll call me when it does. I expressed my displeasure with that clearly unacceptable answer. "What do you mean? You can't tell me when the part is coming? This is a new car and now I am simply told to go away?"
He turned and said, "Look, I don't know what to tell you. I don't have an answer. When the part becomes available, I'll let you know."
Turns out there's not even a part number for the heated seat. If that's the case, what other parts "don't exist". I feel like I am hunting for parts to restore a classic gull wing Mercedes. Ridiculous.
In short, I paid over 40K for a car that VW won't fix. Let me rephrase. VW couldn't fix the car if they wanted to because the parts don't exist. I guess my next step is to ask that they ship a complete seat in from Germany?
I am waiting to hear back from Volkswagen. I can’t image that they will sit on their hands and do nothing. At this point, I am hoping to get a credit back for the car and get the Passat I initially intended to get.
I will let you know what I find out.
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Really don't understand what's happening with automotive engineering but every year the quality of new cars becomes worse and worse.
Yeah, I'm agree with you, many defects happens with the new cars. And this tendency happens in EU assembled cars, and also the UK. I think that the quality is maintained in Japan and US cars. I. anyway I'm also a VAG lover and I'm driving the Passat from 2006-2007 and I don't care about the maintenance, I'm not repairing them, if it brokes I ask for vehicle removal service and I'm getting out of my old car and also getting money for it. So, I suggest if you have money to buy a new Toyota, Lexus, GMC, Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, etc.
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