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If there's one word to describe the Arteon's design, its Elegant. A large part of that has to do with how much Audi influence there is here with its frameless windows, radiator grille and dynamic rear lights to name a few. Just wait till you see the interior!

Eye-catching. From every angle.
its extended silhouette with long wheelbase ensures a distinctive side view - and room comfort in all seats.
Particularly eye-catching are the frameless side windows, which as a classic fastback feature convey high-
quality elegance.

Premium from elegant to sporty.
For those who want even more - the Arteon R-Line and Elegance offer comfort, sportiness and design at a
high level.
The stylish Arteon Elegance and the sporty R-Line offer first-class equipment as standard - and in addition many individualization options. The exterior of both lines, for example, impresses with 18-inch light-alloy rims and surrounding chrome strips. Exquisite details, such as the dynamic rear lights, ensure elegant understatement at the pulse of the times.

The Arteon R-Line can be seen at first sight on its individual front with R-Line logo in the radiator grille and the c-shaped signature in high-gloss black. At the rear, the black glossy rear spoiler and the chrome-plated trapezoidal cover emphasize its sporty character. Take a seat on the front seat in a leather-Alcantara combination or enjoy the optional leather trim "Nappa" with "Nappa Carbon Style" (split leather).

On the Arteon Elegance you will notice the matte chrome exterior mirrors. They harmonize well with the glossy chrome trim on the bumpers and the "Elegance" lettering on the mudguards.

Even in the interior, no wishes remain open. The Arteon R-Line is controlled by a leather-covered multifunction sports steering wheel and takes place under a black roof. The seats of both Arteon lines are covered with a sophisticated combination of leather "Vienna" and Alcantara. The exclusive interior of the Arteon Elegance is characterized, among other things, by the decors, which are reserved for this model, with an accent bar below the armature panel. A further nice detail is the textile foot mats specially designed for the Arteon Elegance.
Moving light design.
The modern rear lights with LED technology at the rear give the new Arteon a strong expression and
exceptional dynamics. lts flowing light movement provides for a look and therefore also for safety.

The Arteon lettering.
Also shows in the rear view what it has to offer: The Arteon lettering at the rear attracts attention and
leaves a whole impression.


Adaptive Chassis Control will play a major role in your overall comfort. Options to adjust to either normal, sport or comfort help cater to every type of owner. Immediately surrounding you are high quality materials and the highly anticipated ergoComfort seats.

Goes according to your taste.
Sporty, comfortable, normal or your own personal style: you determine how your new arteon is to be driven. The optimized adaptive chassis control DCC responds permanently to the road and the driving situation. This is especially pleasant for you, because you enjoy high driving comfort in combination with optimum driving dynamics.
With the adaptive DCC suspension system, the suspension can be adjusted normally, sportily or comfortably. The electrically adjustable damping adjusts itself automatically as well as the electromechanical servo control. DCC reacts constantly to different driving situations and considers braking, steering and acceleration processes.

The adaptive chassis control DCC ensures a significant improvement in the handling characteristics. The driver is no longer limited to a certain chassis design, but can customize his vehicle individually. The selection is made by pressing the button in the center console. The settings in the individual menu are made by sliding sliders and can thus be adapted to the personal preferences.
Welcome to a high level.
Discover the new Arteon with an exceptionally beautiful selection of equipment options, noble materials and innovative comfort technologies.

Arrive. Already before starting.
Lean back and enjoy the high-quality interior with exclusive materials and comfort at the highest level. This is ensured by, for example, the particularly back-friendly ergoComfort seats, optionally available in leather "Nappa' in the colors Mistralgrau and Raven-Grau. Thanks to the optional Ill-way setting with massage and memory function, adjustable lumbar vertebrae as well as generous head and leg freedom is ensured for the greatest possible relaxation - long before you arrive.

This is how pleasant information can feel.
With the heated multi-function steering wheel in leather, you control not only your new Arteon, but also all the relevant information during thejourney. In addition, you will find everything on the innovative Active Info display directly in your field of view: from speedometers, tachometers and odometers to detailed driving data or the visual display of your driver assistance systems.

Travel with ease in your luggage.
With the new Arteon, a relaxed journey begins before you leave. The luggage compartment, which is sized for a 563-liter fastback, also provides ample space for your travel luggage. And thanks to the 'Easy Open", a small movement with the foot under the vehicle tailgate is sufficient, the electric luggage compartment door opens. With the time-delayed electrical closing, the luggage compartment flap is closed again by the push of a button, so you can easily load and unload.

Get in and out.
With the new Arteon, you are sure of all the looks. Also the through the panoramic sunroof / sunroof, which is surrounded by the ambient lighting. lt illuminates every sky brightly and provides pleasant light in the interior.

Assistance Systems

VW couldn't pass on self-diving-like feature on a premium product like this and we can't blame them. There's no better VW product to introduce assistance systems like; Automatic Distance Control w/Forward Speed Control, Electronic Differential Lock XDS, Park Assist, Dynamic Cornering Light and Dynamic Light Assist to name a few. It might be hard to believe this is not an official Audi product.

Automatic distance control ACC with forward speed control
By far, one of the most helpful driver assistance systems: the automatic distance control ACC with forward-looking speed control. You set a maximum speed and the system ensures that it is not exceeded. In addition, a minimum distance to preceding vehicles is automatically maintained.

Keeps ahead vehicles at a distance.
The ACC automatic cruise control with predictive speed control helps you maintain a maximum speed set by you before and a minimum distance to the preceding vehicle. The forward-looking speed control extends these functions by a speed and curve assist. By adopting official speed limits, you can avoid speed overshoots. In addition, the system calculates the ideal curve speed using predictive stretch data . This increases your driving comfort.

Open new perspectives.
Whether for parking, turning or leaving an entrance: The "Area View" function, which is available on request, offers you an environmental view of your Arteon. In the infotainment system, you can see the angle of view of the four cameras, which are difficult to manage from your driver position - especially comfortable if you have little space for maneuvering.

Serial sixth sense.
Always at your side - enjoy the benefits of standard assistance systems such as Lane Assist. This helps to avoid accidents by unintentionally leaving the road. The system detects the road markings with the help of a camera within the limits of its limits. As soon as a possible departure from the lane is registered, the "Lane Assist" can warn the driver and counter-steer through a corrective steering intervention. This makes driving safer and more comfortable - especially during long journeys or monotonous routes.
Electronic differential lock XDS.
With the electronic differential lock XDS, you can enjoy more driving pleasure on winding roads. By braking pressure on the front of the curve, it can not spin. The improved traction also makes the steering more precise. This gives you a controlled driving style. For some units, the electronic differential lock XDS is available as standard, for all other engines it is available on request.

Park Assist.
The new Arteon makes maneuvering considerably easier. The optional "Park Assist" calculates within the limits of the system whether the car fits into a designated parking space. When you are flashing, the system can tell you which side of the road you want to park. They take over gassing, domes and brakes, while the "Park Assist" automatically controls in longitudinal and transverse parking gaps - and out again.

Dynamic cornering light.
You can optionally equip the dynamic cornering light with predictive control with a predictive activation. In combination with a navigation system, which is also available on request, a time gain of up to two seconds is possible compared to the dynamic cornering light.

Dynamic Light Assist.
The dynamic high-beam control "Dynamic Light Assist" provides a completely new light feeling. And optimally adapts to the traffic situation. The system with variable road illumination makes it possible to drive continuously with main beam without dazzling the oncoming traffic. The main beam can be partly dimmed by a masking function. The information about other road users and the street lighting captures a camera on the inside mirror and informs the "Dynamic Light Assist". The entire roadway illumination is thus significantly improved.

Emergency Assist.
The optional "Emergency Assist" takes over the vehicle control in a medical emergency. It is activated when the system does not register the driver's activity, ie the steering, acceleration and braking are not active and the driver does not react despite the following warning. The system then attempts to reactivate the driver, as well as the passengers and other passengers, by braking pressures, warning tones, warning lights and commuting pendulums. If the control is not taken again, the vehicle is guided to the right lane with the help of the "Side Assist" lane wizard, and stopped. An accident can thus be prevented within the limits of the system.

The proactive occupant protection system, which is also available on request, can detect dangerous situations with increased accident potential within the limits of the system and automatically take precautions. The window and sunroof are automatically closed to a gap to optimize the effect of the head and side airbags. The front seatbelts are tightened tightly in seconds and the driver and passenger are fixed. If the danger is banned, the straps are loosened and the side windows as well as the sliding roof can be opened again. To optimize the effect of the head and side airbags. The front seatbelts are tightened tightly in seconds and the driver and passenger are fixed. If the danger is banned, the straps are loosened and the side windows as well as the sliding roof can be opened again. To optimize the effect of the head and side airbags. The front seatbelts are tightened tightly in seconds and the driver and passenger are fixed. If the danger is banned, the straps are loosened and the side windows as well as the sliding roof can be opened again.

Front Assist.
Whether it is unmanaged city traffic or stop-and-go - the Arteon supports you with innovative assistance systems. The standard equipment includes, for example, the "Front Assist" environment monitoring system with a city emergency braking function and pedestrian detection. It can warn you about critical distance situations within the limits of the system and help to reduce the stopping distance. An important component of "Front Assist" is the detection of pedestrians: a system that can detect its limits when a pedestrian suddenly crosses the road. You will be warned with an acoustic and optical signal. If you do not brake, a brake pressure points to the critical distance. If your response to this problem persists, the system carries out an emergency braking within its limits.

Traffic Jam Assistant.
The optional storage assistant uses proven features, such as the ACC automatic distance control and the "Lane Assist" lane assist to ensure a comfortable following in the traffic jam. Thus, the new Arteon follows the preceding vehicle at a speed of 0 to 60 km / h and controls the throttle and brake independently within the limits of the system. The vehicle is held in the track. The traffic assistant supports you with nerve-racking stop-and-go traffic and can help to avoid typical traffic jams.

Soundsystem DYNAUDIO Confidence.
Sounds great: The new Arteon is equipped as standard with the radio "Composition Media". This includes eight speakers as well as FM radio reception and a CD drive, which plays music also in the MP3, AAC and WMA format. In addition, an SD card slot as well as AUX-IN and USB interfaces offer further input possibilities. You can easily connect your mobile phone via a Bluetooth connection. The system is equipped with a useful proximity sensor: If a finger approaches a control panel, the field is highlighted. This makes the operation even easier and safer.

In your Arteon, you can enjoy the digital radio reception DAB + on request. This allows you to receive even more up-to-date traffic announcements, a diverse selection of stations, music, weather and much more. Even graphics, Such as city maps or animations, can be displayed.

The optional "DYNAUDIO Confidence" sound system with surround sound, twelve loudspeakers including center speaker and subwoofer and a total output of 700 watts ensures a fantastic sound experience and optimal and individualizable sound for all passengers.


VW did make some tech optional and the quoted text below will help you decide on them, although you should still try these in-person to be 100% sure. Options are Discover Media navigation system and Telephone Interfaces. Although you can use your smart device for what these options do, owners spending more time in their Arteon's could see the value here.

This is how comfortable navigation can be.
The optional "Discover Media" navigation system helps you find the best route to your destination in the new Arteon. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth technology, hands-free telephony is also much more convenient. In addition, "Discover Media" is equipped with a touch screen for easy operation, a CD player, an Apple-compatible USB port and two SD card inputs for MP3 and WMA playback. If you want even more, the "Discover Pro" navigation system, which is also available on request, is the infotainment system for particularly demanding people. It provides a 20.3 cm touch screen, clear map display in 3-D and an internal flash memory. The voice control responds to the name of the street and street names and calculates the route according to the instructions. With a connected telephone, you can easily call people from your saved phone list by telling their names. So keep both hands on the steering wheel and focus fully on the traffic.

Use both hands at the control to make a safer phone call.
Do not miss a conversation and stay focused on traffic anyway. The optional telephone interfaces provide convenient telephone calls while driving. They offer a particularly high voice quality thanks to the digital voice processor, high-quality microphone in the roof and the loudspeaker. The reception is optimal due to the connection to the external antenna even with critical network coverage.

To avoid distraction while driving, you can use voice commands to make calls or read SMS messages. With a Bluetooth connection, you can play music from your smartphone on the Arteon sound system.

In the "Comfort" version, your mobile phone connects to the external antenna via an inductive antenna connection in the middle armrest. There the mobile phone is well taken care of and you save yourself the purchase of an additional mobile phone shell.

In the "Business" version, you can transfer phone calls made outside the car via Bluetooth® to the hands-free system - provided your smartphone is Bluetooth® enabled and has the remote SIM Access Profile (rSAP). The operation is carried out via voice control, by means of a multifunctional steering wheel or via the infotainment system. Alternatively, you can also insert an extra SIM card with data tariff into the inset of your infotainment system. And the integrated WLAN hotspot allows you and your passengers to use the Internet on the road.

Always in focus: a sure feeling.
The head-up display displays driving information directly in your field of view. Speed, traffic signs, assistance
system activity as well as warning and navigation information are projected directly onto the high-quality display in
front of the front windscreen.


VW made sure we will have a seamless experience when going from our Smart Devices to the Arteon. Again, this is Optional (via Car-Net) but loaded with value that any connected individual can clearly see. Car-Net has been available for a few years with mixed owner feedback.

Internet in the car is called Volkswagen Car-Net. Behind them are services, practical services and helpful apps. For example, keep current traffic data in view during your journey and stay connected with your Arteon - via a smartphone or from your home.

Protection for you. And your vehicle.
When is the next inspection? How full is the tank? The online services Car-Net "Security & Service' 3 offer you
mobile access to important vehicle data - as well as a direct connection to the right Volkswagen contact person.
And with the service emergency call service you are also well provided in case of emergency.

Do not drive without the Internet.
With the optional Car-Net "Guide & Inform" package 4 you are better informed on the road. If, for example, For
example, if a traffic jam forms or dissolves, you will learn it online in real time - and your route will be adjusted
automatically. You can also find exciting destinations in your area, nearby parking lots or the nearest petrol station
thanks to the online search for special destinations.

Use your apps in your Volkswagen.
Operate the most important functions of your smartphone easily via the center console. 50 you can conveniently
access phone, news and music. We call the app-connect. 2 These are three innovative technologies that bring
smartphone content to the touchscreen of your infotainment system: alongside MirrorLink "', Google's Apple, CarPlay "' and Android Auto "'.

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I love how seamless the infotainment system is set in there. So smooth and not intrusive at all. That and there's not an iPad stuck ontop of the dash which is great.
Enjoy it while it lasts because if VW moves away from their current boxy and hardlined styling then you will see interiors take on a similar effect. The Volkswagen UP! sold overseas is a good example of that. Thankfully we have a while to go before Arteon takes that route.

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Main thing is this iteration doesn't have it so once I can grab one of these, I'll be happy. Even if they come out with an updated Arteon in a couple of years that has it, I won't be interested as I'll be keeping mine for 5ish years and then getting something else.

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Main thing is this iteration doesn't have it so once I can grab one of these, I'll be happy. Even if they come out with an updated Arteon in a couple of years that has it, I won't be interested as I'll be keeping mine for 5ish years and then getting something else.
Fair enough. Most people are like that anyways so I can see what you mean. Usually its the mid-cycle refreshes that get people to switch depending on what happens. BMW owners had the best of that, BMW makes some generous changes, maybe VW will?

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It's possible, they seem to be learning the right path so taking all of these key notes from other successful manufacturers would be a great idea for them.
It sure is. Are there any of those examples from other car makers that you want VW to pull more from? Many seem to be well established while VW is just trying to find what works for themselves.

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Not anything I can think of in regards to when to update and what not. But, if they could pull more from their company Porsche in line with suspension, it would be greatly appreciated.
Oh yeah right, Porsche has that level of fun going on. But that being Porsche, offering a different caliber of car, and this being VW... what about Porsche suspension systems and components you think they can use in these VW's?

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Doubt Porsche is willing share their suspension components without getting something in return or risk watering down their cars. Maybe the Emergency Assist system in exchange.

But a VW Arteon that can handle hard driving like a Porsche would be nice.

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VW does have platforms and infrastructure which could mean more growth for Porsche into other segments. One thing I would like to see is a full size Porsche SUV that can seat 7 comfortably. It would rival the Mercedes GL.
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