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VW Arteon Power Train

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The Volkswagen Arteon, from what I've been reading is only coming with one powertrain.

So far, all I'm seeing is a turbocharged and intercooled 4-cylinder with a displacement of 2.0L that produces 270hp and 280lb-ft of torque

That'll be mated with an Aisin 8-speed automatic transaxle (FWD)

Volkswagen will have it's 4Motion all-wheel drive system as an option and I can see how that would be really handy, especially with putting power to the ground.

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Good numbers from the engine and hopefully that transmission has the gear ratios to allow the engine do its magic. One of the thing the Arteon needs is to be fun. Part of my reason for buying it or not will be predicated on that.
I wonder if it's going to be an LSD setup in order to eliminate any torque steer as you probably know, a FWD car without an LSD equals a good amount of steering wheel pulling when you really get on it.
Just like the Golf they might make LSD optional as part of a Performance pack. The Arteon will get a lot of regular folks buying it, no need for crazy parts like that as standard. The cheaper they can price it as a basemodel the better.
Once they have a trim level where an LSD is available or applied, I'll be content with that. The base model can have a regular transaxle setup. Considering I do a lot of spirited driving from time to time, having an LSD would make it lot more enjoyable and predictable.
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