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VW Arteon May Get An Estate Version

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Volkswagen has just launched the new Arteon in Europe and there's already talk of a potential wagon version later on. This bit of news came from Elmar Licharz, the Head of Product Line at VW.

Licharz told Autocar: "It's our intention to turn the Arteon into a model family. Right now, we have a proposal on the table for a stylish wagon version to compliment the hatchback. The car has not been confirmed for production yet, but it has a good chance."

Of course that's by no means a solid confirmation, but X-Tomi has taken that comment and ran with it for their latest rendering of an Arteon Wagon.

If this model does go into production, we can expect it to sit above the Passat when it comes to that premium feel. The new Arteon 4-door will rival cars like the Audi A5 Sportback and the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe. We can expect the same level of competition for a 5-door variant.

Depending on the market, buyers will probably get to choose from a similar lineup of powertrains including six turbocharged TSI petrol and TDI diesel units. At the very least, it'll come with plenty of driver assistance systems, including the new Emergency Assist 2.0.
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If it actually happens VW should be in for a surprise since these days there's a growing number of consumers willing to go that direction.

Slowly people are adjusting to hatches. For some reason we take longer to adjust than the Europeans.
It's definitely a great idea but it doesn't interest me personally. I'm not fond of that kind of styling and really don't need the extra space or anything. I love the low slope roof of the Arteon the way it is.
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