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VW Arteon First Drive Review Thread

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Ahead of its summer 2019 arrival to U.S. showrooms, Arteon first drives in Santa Barbara, California are underway and already reveal what the general consensus is. "One **** of a GT car, it drives as great as it looks" and "It's an odd bird, but also a very familiar one once you realize what VW is trying to do." as some journalists put it.

There's a lot more to come, stay tuned for updates.

I know its not exactly news to us but arriving a year later to the U.S. market does make it a bit special. Along with the fact some fresh minds are putting the Arteon through its paces through California. For now, here's whats going on behind the scenes while we wait for the full verdict.

What sort of feedback are you guys hoping these American publications will cover?

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