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Volkswagen Arteon Receives The ABT Treatment

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ABT Sportsline is a German auto tuning company and they're no stranger when it comes to Volkswagen models. Now they've released a few Arteon specific modifications and turned an already sporty sports saloon into something even better.

Available equipment includes some ABT grille emblem in chrome, matte black, or black chrome, and a selection of aftermarket wheels for that perfect look. Ranging from 18- to 22-inches, customers can choose from a variety of patterns and colors.

Of course looks aren't everything and that's why lowering springs are offered as well. Paired with serial shock absorbers, the Arteon can be dropped down a good 25mm (0.98in) at the front, and 30mm (1.18inch) at the rear.

For those who decide to go with a the 276bhp 2.0 TSI powered model, ABT has an engine upgrade that will bump up the output to approximately 336 hp and 420 Nm. A substantial jump from what the stock unit can crank out, though specifics of this power increasement seems to be lacking on their site.

Pricing is not listed on their online configurator, but you can still create your ABT and print out the configuration.
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Aside from the rims, I honestly don't see much of a difference, you may as well go with what the factory has to offer and call it a day for now. At least until there are more aftermarket parts aside from ABT.
I'll take the lower stance, wheels, and 336 hp please! :grin:
This is one of those times that I think wheels from Vossen would be a better pick. ABT has always thrown me off with their wheel offerings.

These HC Series wheels from Vossen will look great on the Arteon:
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