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Volkswagen Arteon Performance Doesn’t Match Its Exterior

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Though not written by the Top Gear presenters of old, this publication's Arteon review is still worth a read and it provides some insight for those who are looking into purchasing one.

At first glance, the Arteon looks proper aggressive with frameless windows and sleek lines but it still shares its underpinnings with the Passat. There's nothing wrong with this as the saloon features plenty of upgrades including digital dials, a large touchscreen, 19in alloy wheels and more.

Having a sporty looks is great and all, but its performance should match the exterior and editor Stephen Dobie thinks the Arteon shouldn't be approached as a "car that will drive as aggressively as it looks and you'll be disappointed."

That's not to say the test vehicle's 237bhp twin-turbo 2.0 isn't any good. In fact, its power and torque delivery puts the saloon on par with German rivals. But at a beefy 1,828kg, the Arteon weighs more than some Land Rover Discovery Sports.

When it comes to drive dynamics, the Arteon is great for those who like predictable performance with tidy handling and a comfy cabin. But even a four-wheel-drive model won't be able to excited enthusiasts as much as a BMW, Jaguar or Mazda will.

At £39,400 for the tested trim, potential buyers will have to judge the Arteon for themselves.
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But that's Audi DNA for you, it was meant to have reserved styling unlike its rivals and its one of the reasons why people buy VW/Audi over Mercedes or BMW. Arteon lives up to what VW/Audi is known for.
As a daily driver, most aren't expecting to be pushed back into their seats on acceleration and the Arteon is fine for what I need it to do. More importantly is how it handles corners because I have a nasty habit of going into them too fast.
Probably the best way to put it is that the Arteon needs to be a sportier passat with the swagger of a Mercedes CLS/BMW 6-Series/etc. and to be honest all of that is enough for me to buy. Don't be surprised when you start seeing a lot of ex-passat owners coming over to the Arteon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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