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Just received the following:

Your satisfaction is always our top priority. Part of maintaining our standards involves performing regular system updates for mobile online services. This usually happens in the background.

However, we will require your assistance following the system update that will take place on 8 October 2020 between 00:01 a.m. and 04:00 a.m. (CEST). The next time your Volkswagen is started after the update, communication will need to be re-established between your vehicle and our systems.

To do this, the relevant profile for the primary and secondary user must be selected in the vehicle’s infotainment system depending on the driver, and the correct S-PIN must be entered. If you are the primary user and will be unable to access your vehicle for a prolonged period, please inform a secondary user about the steps that need to be performed after the system update. We have provided detailed instructions for this below.

Please be aware that after the time window for the planned system update mentioned above, various mobile online services will not function until you start your vehicle again. During this period, you will not receive any notifications from your vehicle in the We Connect app, in the We Connect web portal or by email and will not be able to send any commands to your vehicle through the We Connect app or from the We Connect web portal.

The following services are affected: ‘Lock & Unlock’; ‘Horn & Turn Signals’; ‘Parking Position’; ‘Vehicle Health Report’; ‘Vehicle Status’; ‘Online Auxiliary Heater’; ‘Online Anti-Theft Alarm’; ‘Speed Alert’; ‘Area Alert’.

Please note in particular that no notifications from the ‘Online Anti-Theft Alarm’ service can be received during this period. The anti-theft alarm system will still trigger as usual in the event of an attempted theft, but you will not be informed of this by a notification in your We Connect app or in the We Connect web portal.

For this reason, please try to minimise the time between the system update and restarting your vehicle (do so within 24 hours if possible) in order re-enable communication between your vehicle and our systems as soon as possible.
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