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so many buttons to press!

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Hi all,

I'm trying to get to grips with the 'starship enterprise' control panel that is the Arteon's infotainment centre. I have android auto all set up and link my phone via a USB cable to the system. I have the app connect system working fine. I have the VW connect app set up with all it's journey monitoring etc. I find that very useful and informative. Forgive the question if it seems daft, but is Car-net different? The VW website for it is a bit vague. Is it a subscription service or optional extra? What does it do?
On a similar note, has anyone found any cool 'hidden' functions that I should know about? I found the 'G force' monitor thing the other day. My son is terribly excited by that!


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Car net is a subscription service that's $17.99 a month, but you should have been given a free trial with your car. Good overview of the system directly from their website and its really just an added level of connectivity and security over the vehicle.
Car-Net allows the following: (some of which are subject to you opting in, opting out)

A- from the Desktop web brewser inteface (desktops/laptops):
Generate and send POI and Routes to vehicle.
Send RSS news feeds to vehicle (quite tricky I found).
View whether vehicle has doors/windows/boot left open and if locked/unlocked. (usually needs a browser refresh otherwise displayed info inaccurate)

View daily, weekly, monthly and annual trip summaries (mileage/consiumption/averages/etc) (sometimes inserts journeys, distances, averages, etc when briefly leaving car in car park, but vehicle's Total Mileage is always correct )

Download Health Reports after each journey. ( can be just a "all ok" message)

Receive Service Alerts
Search, Select and Connect to a VW Service Partner (this is currently offline because VW cancelled their contract with Google Maps which provided search functions)
Set and receive alerts for when vehicle exceeds user-preset speed limit (nice if you share your car)
Set and receive alerts for when vehicle enters a user-preset location (again, hand for fleetcar management)

note: although needing a Car-Net subscription, some of these functions also need InfoT system connected to Internet, and some need User to push buttons of InfoT to invoke downloads..

B- with mobile devices (Android App and also IOS)
flash the parking lights and/or sound horn remotely from device

Send POI to vehicle
View whether vehicle has doors/windows/boot left open and if locked/unlocked.

View Location Alerts
View Speed Alerts
note: as well as the mobile data service, for some functions the InfoT needs internet, etc.

Since the whole system is very much still in development, VW information via websites and pdf is likely to be out of date or falling short.

There is a pdf download specifically for the InfoT.

I assume the InfoT's Firmware will be improved too, but when and how I wonder..
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Sounds like some cool features. I looked at the link shared above and the Arteon isn’t even listed on there.

Two questions:

1) what’s the U.K. subscription price?

2) do all Arteons come with a SIM card slot? I got the impression it was an optional extra bit have read conflicting (or at least unclear) information.
Thanks all,

I registered on the carnet website. Once I'd input my VIN number it gave me a list of the services I can get and the cost of each. I was suprised to see the cost of each service was £0! There were 4 in total: security and service basic, security and service plus, emergency call service & guide and inform basic. Security and service basic is free for 10 year, as is emergency call. The other two are free for 3 years. I'm not sure why these services didn't cost me. I didn't pay for them. I bought the car ex demo with 2500 miles or so on it and the dealer encouraged me to download both the Carnet and My VW apps, without really explaining anything about them.
I guess the moral of the tale is to check and see! I love the features now I've started to use them.
I can input my destination on the carnet app on my phone and send it to the car in anticipation of my journey. I can set alerts to notify me if the car moves at all, and there are loads of other cool features.
Squeeky handle

Has anyone else noticed a buzzing rattle on the internal drivers door handle? I know the UK roads are awful but I didn't expect to be getting any 'loose bits' just yet!
P. S. I've not used a separate sim card for Carnet. I've used my phone and created a mobile wifi hotspot.
Has anyone else noticed a buzzing rattle on the internal drivers door handle? I know the UK roads are awful but I didn't expect to be getting any 'loose bits' just yet!
Yes, my car rattles too. All 4 door handles are poorly fitting assemblies. The internal door panels are hard & noisy and easily induce knocking sounds for objects placed in door pockets. After doing a thorough body waxing (externally) I discovered some of the body sections are extra thin and able to produce drumming sound - especially the lower left & right tail wings. If I could get the internal left/right boot liners out I would certainly beef up on those zones.
The first week front tyre road noise was very noticeable, but after rectifying (ex dealer) under inflated tyre pressures it seems to have dissappeared now.

I am beginning to wonder where to take it for service ! When I tried to get support from a nearby service agent I was advised they had not untertaken any training on Arteon and could not offer any advice.
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