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Sluggish engine & creaking sunroof

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Hi gents,

I have the Arteon year 2019. I have been driving it for a year now. Hope can get some input regarding the 2 issue I am facing, thanks

1) Sunroof creaking sound whenever turning at low speed (Example: turning in/out from driveway).

2) I also feel the accelerating power/torque doesn't do justice to the 268hp car. No power on demand, hesitate to overtake sometimes when you step on the accelerator. I have to release the accelerator and floor it again for the car to pickup/overtake. I think this is a problem I read in some article that the car engine is sluggish. But once the car take off, then I can feel the acceleration power.
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I've not experienced any hesitation but the car is a bit on the sluggish side . Does your hesitation happen in all modes ? Is it the same in normal and sport for instance ?

I remedied the sluggish part by fitting a stage one tune from BSR and it transformed the car . It now has 267kw (359hp) and 462nm (340 ft/lb) . Cheap easy fix.

I can't offer any suggestions on the sunroof . Sounds like body flexing causing it to move a little.

Hi gents,

I found the solution that might help with the creaking roof, but I haven't try myself. Attached with the guide from VW them self. Hope if helps


Hi Mouse,

Did you try the fix?
I’ve a similar problem with the creaking but only when turning into my drive.

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