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Size for a spare wheel ?

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Hi everybody!
I have a technical question.
I have an ARTEON with the 20 rosario.
Because I take the remote heat I don't have a spare wheel. Unfortunately I punctured my tire with 350km...
So now I'd like to have a spare wheel.
The garage told me I can only have a 18' for spare wheel.
Is it possible to drive a little with 3 wheels in 20 and 1 in 18 ?
Thanks for your help
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The wheel size doesn't matter. If you use an 18-in wheel you need a taller tyre with bigger aspect ratio. So if 20 is 30, 18 will be 40. Google tyre size calculator.
I have the remote heater option, the 700w sound system and a 20" spare wheel. Fits without a problem.


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I have a Gmc 5500 truck, I want to know which tires are better for that, we use that for queens towing services.
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