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Short newbie introduction 🙂

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Hey, people! I'm new to the forum, so here is my.. second post (first one was for an issue with SD card)! I got my Arteon last week of January and already have around 3000 km on it. I upgraded from Skoda superb, so here are a few things I like:
* the look - it's amazing! I simply love it! That was actually the main reason for the upgrade
* performance in snow - car is R-Line, 4 motion so it handles pretty good!
* virtual dashboard

There are also few things that drive me nuts:
- vw connectivity is overall okay (wireless) - but VW apparently decided to go cheap. So I connect to carplay wireless but still need to charge my phone with a cable 🤷‍♂️ In superb, for example, I had a wireless charger as a standard equipment..
- media is not user friendly (in my opinion) - i still have issues to start using the SD card as a media source
- the touch 'buttons' on the steering wheel and clima control - I realize the whole cost saving thing, but I simply don't like that - it distracts you while driving


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Welcome to the forum @Luccc! Congrats on your new Arteon! Were you looking at other cars aside from the Arteon?
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