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SD card issue

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Hi guys, I got my R-Line, 4 motion, 200hp few weeks ago. Generally the car is great - I upgraded from a Superb - but there is an issue that's driving me crazy. As i travel around 2hrs every day to work and pass through a mountain area the network coverage is not great (close to terrible to be honest), therefore using apple music is difficult. I saw I have two slots for sd card, so I loaded some music to one and thought the problem is solved - but the car doesn't let me choose SD card as a media option. Tried with another card - same result!

Anyone knows how to fix it? Thanks! 🙂
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Hey @Luccc, this video might help you out with playing music in your Arteon. The video is in an Atlas but it should be the same. Which slot are you putting your SD card in? SD1 is for navigation and SD2 is for SD cards.

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