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SatNav map update

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Hi. Have anyone updated their SatNav maps yet? If so did you encounter any problems?
I saw that new maps from January 2018 are available, and have downloaded them successfully to a SD card, but not yet innstalled it in the car. It says update could take as long as 4 hours, so I thought I should wait till I am going for a longer drive (which I am, coming Sunday).

The reason for wanting to update is that I discovered from an earlier trip that some road changes a couple of years back in my area is not included in the map version I have in my car. So I guess that map is a few years old (and a bit older than the car).
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I've not updated my maps yet, this is something I will be doing shortly though. I have also been looking into ways of importing fixed/mobile speed camera locations to the satnav using POI's as I believe this can be done through Car-Net.
Wow 4 hours seem a long time to install a simple map update. From your issues it does seem like its quite an old version however. Not sure if you guys have the app Waze in the UK, but it keeps track of speed and redlight cameras as well.
Our planned trip today has unfortunately been postphoned due to bad weather, so the update will have to wait as well. I will share my update experience as soon as it has been done, but not shure when it might be now.
I've added Speed Cameras using POI info via SD Card before I realised its possible via CarNet. I used the Camera DB from PocketGPSWorld.
Will look into map update.
Updated the Satnav to the January 2018 version today using the SD card. Took about 45 minutes, and we did it while driving. The map in the instrument cluster was up during the update and the radio was operational as well.
No problems with the update prosedure what so ever.
Starting to learn and get used to the car now, and very satiesfied with it!
Maps updated but just loaded onto SD card and Nav ran immediately. I have the standard Discover system, not Discover PRO. Does PRO load the maps onto an internal HDD?
I am pretty shure it does as it exports the new data to the Discover Pro system, and the system works without any SD card inserted (it can be removed as soon as the update is done).
I just updated my DISCOVERY "3GO919..." maps to the latest version maps "5NA919--- ECEI 2018/9 1030". The download process on my home 21 Mbps broadband took a few minutes and a cup of coffee, but nothing like the 4 hours I read somewhere. After pluging in the newly loaded SD card the map installation is verified in just a brief moment too.

I am hoping this update will resolve some of the incorrect, and unnecessary, speed adjustments occuring in ACC mode that are really annoying - like ACC hard breaking from 40mph down to 30mph the hard throttle accelerating back up midway through a 40mph zone.
DiscoverMedia maps download package was updated 17th June 2019. Took only 1hr 15min to download ref "_EU_AS_1310_V11", which is the best download time ever achieved !
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