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Volkswagen parked the Arteon up in Germany and had people sit in it, take a look, and asked them what they thought about it. Nothing I didn't expect at all :wink:

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I've never really put much stock into "real people" reviews after reading what one of those market research people had to say. Would rather experience it myself, give the Arteon a good sit and see for myself.

Though this ad does make me second guess the gold/yellow paint color. Not as bad as I thought it'd look.
Lol at least this one was better than Chevy's "real people" advertisements haha!

But I'm with you on the paint color. At first I thought there would be no way in heck that I would go with a yellow color but after seeing this, I'm highly considering it for sure.

What other color are you looking at?
if they make it come off as real and not so scripted then yes, it can work.
the problem is brands like Chevy do it entirely wrong
the right way is to bring on influencers people trust from YouTube, TV shows, etc.
Youtubers is a huge one. Those guys make such an influence to such a vast audience it's ridiculous. Majority of these automotive vloggers or whatever you would call them have say over 250,000 subscribers (a lot of them closer to 750,000 some more) anyhow, the amount of views from their subscribers alone would be great, now add to that those that share the video and the stragglers that end up at the video from recommended videos as well. It's insane!
Exactly, Youtubers and social media giants can help sway an audience towards a certain product. I think there's a famous Honda social media guy called HondaPro Jason?? And he's pretty well known name for the Honda world and can move people to buy certain models. VW can capitalize on similar people online.
For VW they could use that guy Humble Mechanic, he only has 126k subscribers but his videos have close to 500k views. The views are the main thing. He's a VW tech which works even better and he's extremely knowledgeable so people would believe him.
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