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Proud Arteon owner from DK

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Hi All,

I'm from Denmark and I bought a demo model (2.0TSI R-Line, Deep Pearl Black) and had it for approx a month now.

I am very pleased with it but there are also a few things that do need fixing from VW (Eg The front window occasionally steams up).

I would love to talk with other owners when they have had theirs for a while.



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Wow that car is stunning, congratulations! You'll have to keep us posted on how you're finding the car in the coming weeks. We're you offered any sort of incentive for getting a demo model?
Welcome to the forum and congrats on being one of the first people here to pick up their Areton. Since it's a demo model, I'd assume you got some kind of deal for its purchase?

Also how are you liking the vehicle so far?
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