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Pre-delivery check advice

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I'll be picking up my car next Monday . Apart from the normal checks I was wondering if there was any thing specific I should be looking at .

Have you guys experienced any problems with your cars that might be identified before I take delivery ? .

POP0404 I would be interested to here from you about the location and type of paint defect on your car .

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Paint defect was on the driver’s side rear pillar about half way up. To me it looked like a fingerprint in the clear coat. It was very easy to spot.

I’m not a car expert but take your time and go through the dealer PD checklist one by one and get them to show you it is correct. I also found the clock was not set correctly - it was still on German time and the tyre pressures were not correct.

I have found the dealer team to be very helpful post delivery.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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