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Park Assist + Rear View Camera?

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Newbie here looking at getting the Arteon R-Line 190bhp when they pass WLTP and wanted to ask a quick question.

The place where I work has very few allotted parking spaces so people double park and spaces are very tight so if I order the park assist option does this come with the rear camera bundled in or would I need to also add this option too?
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Mine came with rear camera and standard set of distance sensors, but not the Park Assist function . Checking the vehicle Data Sticker against VW Codes, I am sure it is an optional extra. The rear view from the camera shows with all the guide lines & options and it beeps via the standard distance sensors. Additional side distance sensors and 45 degree radar sensors are not fitted on mine either. These are required for lane change danger alerts, and probably Park Assist. The User Manual says:-

"The parking systems include the following:
* Park Distance Control
* Rear view camera system (Rear View)
* Park Assist
* Area View
* Trailer manoeuvring system (Trailer Assist)

The available systems depend on the vehicle equipment level."
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Park Pilot

.... continued

found the answer ! Mine has Park Pilot, Not Park Assist as clarified on below comparison
Volkswagen Park Pilot vs Volkswagen Park Assist - Schworer VW
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