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No manual gearbox on 1.5 ?

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Just thought this might be of interest to anyone considering a manual gearbox version of the 1.5 TSI.

I've just been informed that VW won't be making this model any longer (at least not for the UK market, though maybe not at all). I ordered one a few weeks ago but have been told it's not possible now, so need to reconsider. I wonder if they're consolidating the range a little due to WLTP testing.

Seems odd to me - you would think the entry-level engine would be the one which would have a manual option, to keep costs lower. Or maybe they're just making them all DSG from now on...
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All automakers are looking to phase out manuals, but yeah I think if VW was going to offer it, it would be restricted to the base trim. They are offering a manual gearbox on the brand new Jetta, and there's a chance they could offer it on the next gen Passat.
According to the new price list on the UK website they're no longer producing the 1.5 with a manual gearbox, nor the 190PS TDI with 2WD, for the UK market. Only car with manual gearbox now available is the 150PS TDI (probably to appeal to company fleets). It's clear if you look at car ranges from Audi, Volvo, MB etc that manual gearboxes are the exception now in the premium bracket.

Can't see any difference in the Arteon specs/equipment otherwise.
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