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Hi all. A quick hello from myself.
I'm new to the forum.
I drive a white 1.5 R line. Living in South Yorkshire area. Looking forward to browsing through the forum.
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Hi mate. Not much on here at the moment because there’s not that many on the road yet and a lot of users on here are still waiting for delivery.

Appears that there’s a delay due to the new WLTP regulations.

Is yours a DSG? What MPG are you getting from it? Does it feel powerful enough?

I’ve just ordered one on a lease and I’m worried it may feel a little underpowered.
Hi. Yes it's the DSG. I don't think you can get a manual one.
On motorway driving I get no more than 40 mpg.
It's nippy in town driving considering it's size and weight.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on the Arteon. There are a good number of us from NA who are still waiting for the official release. Was really hoping on the VR6 to be an option here, but that's looking increasingly unlikely.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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