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Hello all - my name is Mike living in London . Due to ULEZ I have been forced to change my vehicle.

Since VW revealed this vehicle to the public I have loved it.

I am not new to VW vehicles . Owning a CC Bluemotion diesel before ULEZ and VW Passat before then.

My replacement vehicle is Arteon 1.5 TSI Evo in Turmeric Yellow.

Rare car and rare colour. Not everyone s taste if colour but it is growing on me.

Overall the engine has plenty if power and find I am able to pull away in 2nd gear without throttle. (problem I have found unlike my previous car running in first gear means I have to change to second very soon not much between ratios)

I purchased the vehicle from a car supermarket and have a 3 year warranty cover for everything just in case)

I have noticed the engine rattles at tick over and at low revs which could be timing chain.

Not sure about fuel economy yet. My vehicle keeps changing range and I definitely filling the tank mire times than my CC. I am not sure if it is tye range

Let me explain that:

Added £30 i had a range of 275 miles. Done 6 miles and the range was £250. Another 6 miles 230 miles. This Was around town. When on the motorway and dual carriageway it went up again to 250 miles.

Odd one.

Not sure if that is a fault or I am just not used to it.

Still good car,

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