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New member from Scotland

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Hi everyone

I decided it was about time to join the forum and introduce myself. I sold my beloved Scirocco R in March this year and bought myself an Arteon. I went for the 2.0 R-Line 272PS, in black (my wife ruled out my preference for turmeric yellow!). I've just passed the 1,000 mile mark now and I'm enjoying the car so far. It's definitely the most 'refined' car I've had the pleasure of owning.

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Welcome @ARTomEON! Congrats!

How else did you spec your Arteon and what did it cost OTD?

Did you get any common first things done, like paint protection, a new car prep package, etc.?

Modifications? Accessories?
Thanks, fastback. Well, funny you should ask...

I ordered my car back in November 2019 and specified the following options: keyless entry, area-view camera, heated screen, electric tailgate, luggage compartment mat. The car arrived at the dealership in February and I was holding off for a 1st March collection, as arranged. One week before collection, I got an apologetic call from the dealership: 'We're really sorry, but it turns out we forgot to send the second page of your order (which details the added extras) through to the factory in Germany. Your car therefore has none of the options you requested. Would you like us to order you a new one, or will you just take it as it is?' To say I was utterly furious would be a bit of an understatement. Anyway, in the end I agreed to take the car, with the following conditions attached - three years' free servicing, free tyre and alloy insurance, free Autoglym protection, free luggage mat (and obviously at the basic price for the car without options). They agreed to this. I couldn't negotiate more money off the car, as I had already saved several thousand on the list price by buying through Car Wow and they were unable to lower it further.

The Autoglym treatment was a massive mistake. I've never trusted it to be done properly on previous cars, but I went for it this time since it was free. There were foot scuffs and stubborn deposits all over the inside (which luckily cleaned off OK), and swirl marks on certain areas of the paintwork (which of course show up best on a black car). At least I know for sure now - never pay for special paint and interior protection, because the monkey who's been let loose on your car doesn't take any pride in their work and will probably do more harm than good.

On the plus side, I've been so impressed with the amount of safety tech and the convenience features that come as standard. I've learnt to love the car as it is. The full area-view camera is the only thing I really wish I had. It's an entirely different beast from the two Sciroccos I owned previously, but there's a lot to recommend it.

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