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New future owner of the Mighty Arteon

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Hi guys. Wanted to say hello to all of you, and to tell you guys that i placed an order for the 240 bhp biturbo tdi 4 motion in oryx white with dynaudio, panoramic sunroof, heated windscreen, keyless entry, tyre pressure monitoring sistem, and area view camera. I did not however go for the optional seats because i found out that you only have a massage option for the driver only, and my gf would be mad. Also the waiting times are killing me, mine is due to be delivered in October. And just as an info, at least in UK the 190 bhp tdi has been discontinued and will not be available for purchasing anymore. Been confirmed by two dealerships.
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Forgot to say it’s the R-line trim due to the better steering wheel design, too bad it can’t come with the heated option, but it is what it is!
Welcome to the forum and happy to hear you've placed an order. Did the dealer give an mention as to why the 190hp variant is being discontinued? Just a lack of consumer interest?
They said they don’t know but inadvertedly admitted that due to the wlpt emissions standard it’s possible that it would not meet that requirement, and for UK market at least, will not sell it anymore. Not sure if it has been discontinued for all the countries though.
Even if it hasn't been discontinued outside of the UK just yet, it likely will be in the future if there are already concerns over it meeting emission standards. North America has far more strict regulations, so I doubt that it would meet the requirements here either.
for USA they will only sell the 280 tsi engine, no diesels.
Fortunately VW has plans to build a hybrid Golf GTI and knowing VW like most other high volume brands they will share that engine elsewhere.
Once powertrain components are beefed up to match the Arteons weight, we should see it offered here and maybe in the Atlas.
I heard they have plans for a 6 cylinder engine, but not so sure now with the new emissions standards, and it all depends on how well the arteon does on the market. If it’s a high demand, they will surely think about a hibrid option, or even an Arteon R. We will see in the future.
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