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Hi all I have owned a 2019 Arteon 2.0 TDI (engine code DFHA) for the past 14 months, purchased it as an ex demonstration/ managers company car with around 5k miles on it at the time of purchase, the car has been amazing the odd rattle here and there but nothing too bad in the build quality. On New Year’s Day ( 2021) we went out in the car for a 15 mile drive to the shop, within 2 miles of leaving the car felt a bit flat and stuttered a few times I pulled over stopped the engine restarted and all seemed ok once at the destination it was ok no lights on route so I was convinced all ok ! The return journey it went into limp mode along with the EPC light glowing from the dashboard ! I got the car back home and left it until I could call our nearest VW dealer ( 5 miles away) I explained what had happened and they booked it in on 6th Jan I thought it would be just a simple glitch maybe a reset or something simple but no , the garage called a day later to say the car is throwing up the fault for the EGR valve so they were going to remove it and let VW know what condition of the valve was in as this was a warranty claim.
The following day another call from the dealer saying it’s not the EGR valve but it’s something to do with the exhaust system so they pulled out the DPF and said it had failed ! Now I’m starting to panic as you hear of people saying that they had to pay for replacements on their cars due to this being a wearable item, the reason I purchased a diesel is my daily commute is 60 mile round trip mainly on motorways and A roads so I know it should have been regenerated as and when,
Another call from the dealership said it required a new DPF and it was on order from Germany but it will be at least 2-3 weeks this turned into 4 weeks and was told that there wasn’t any in stock and had to be made or it was an issue because of Brexit/Covid the dealership were at mercy of VW Germany ! As an avid home mechanic I asked the dealership how or why did the DPF fail the answer was the holes in the DPF were not big enough and the new one has bigger holes in it ! Well I’m not sure if they were applying it was blocked with ash or something else, I now have the car back and it was fully covered by VW warranty, I have purchase a VCD’s diagnostic tool so I can check the ash load to see if there is any problems as time goes on but am utterly stunned that at 21k miles it had to be replaced any body else had any thing similar happen to them ? I think my next car wil end up being electric at least that only needs a few AA batteries replaced now and again lol
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