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New car

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It’s eventually arrived, picked up this morning, Arteon 2.0 TSI Elegance, Pyrite Silver, Valencia upholstery, sunroof, camera, HUD, it’s for my wife to replace her C.C, it’a step up from that, HUD isn’t much good really, it pops up on a plastic screen, if I’d know that beforehand I would have cancelled it but it was too late, my fault, should have enquired more deeply, I thought it was like my Mercedes C63S’s.....never mind we both love the car
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Nice spec, but why not r-line? Also why no dynaudio? Wish you many safe and worry free miles with it.
R line has black roof lining and black seats the only option, we like a light interior, hence the sunroof option, the Valencia seats were a bit of a risk but they add a touch of luxury look, standard sound quality is fine, listen the speech radio most of the time anyway.

Negotiated a good deal, paid just over £28,500 on the road.
Good price and i totally agree with you about the lighter interior from elegance trim, wish R-line had a bit more flexibility, but what was the deal breaker for me to go to R-line was the steering wheel! I don’t like the one on the elegance model, i like a bit of metal in mine, and the exterior looks are a bonus. Nice price! I ordered the R-line in oryx white, 240 TDi 4 motion, with area view, keyless entry, sunroof, dynaudio, heated screen, acousitic pack and tyre pressure monitoring sistem, and on the road price was 35335 £. U got a nice deal there
I agree with you about the steering wheel, I also prefer the R line one but it’s my wife’s car so I won’t have to look at it very often, the Elegance also comes with 18” wheels as standard which we both prefer for comfort.
It's cool that you finally changed your car, besides, for such a cool one. It seems to me that the equipment of your car is one of the most balanced. I have been wanting to buy a car for myself for a long time, but I can't do it because of some features of the area in which I live. Recently a friend of mine was buying himself a car and he had to find out What it costs to ship a car to our city. Yes, I will have to pay a little more money, but I can be completely sure that my car will come to me. I think to order it in the near future, I can't wait!
I like this model only for its futuristic design. Also, the engine is quite powerful for it. It has the best gearbox that I've used. I think it worths all the money. I bought my Arteon last year, from a car auction. I was very happy because I got it at a very accessible price. The only problem I had was with the transportation process. Luckily, I found the guys from They helped me to ship the car from the auction place to my house. The design of this car made me want it. Now, after one year of using it, I can say that it's the best VW model.
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