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New Arteon on the way

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Hello all,

I’m leasing an Arteon for 24 months. Chose a 1.5 TSI DSG R-Line in Urano Grey. Standard specification with no options.

I’ve had a few VAG products, a few A4’s and a Passat CC. The CC was the best car I’ve ever owned. Currently driving a 2.0 tfsi A4 Quattro S-Line which averages around 26mpg 👎

I’d be interested to know what mpg the 1.5 owners are averaging if anyone has one on here?

Volkswagen are doing a great deal on leasing the Arteon at the moment. They want £236 PCM with nine months advance rental which I don’t think is bad for the class of car. The salesman said Volkswagen are looking to get a load of them out on the road to raise its profile.

Only problem is delivery is expected to be March!
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Welcome to the forum! I think we are going to see a lot of people moving from the CC to the new Arteon as availability opens up.
Welcome to the forum and best of lucking with the waiting period. Even if the fuel economy of the 1.5 TSI is closer to the 40mpg mark, that's still impressive for a vehicle of this size/weight.
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