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My Arteon saved my day.

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My Arteon saved me from a minor crash yesterday.
I was manouvering the car in a rather thight place inside a parking house at the gym. I was reversing and did not see a pillar painted in the same white color as the walls. I did get the warning sound from the parking aid, but did not react to that as I knew I was very close to a wall and another parked car that I had control over. Suddenly the car autobraked (brake pedal also moved inwards) and came to a sudden stop - almost like I hit something. That's when I notice the white pillar a few centimeters from the left rear corner of my car. Very well done Arteon - you saved my day - and my embarrassment 馃憤馃槄 Actually I did not know it had this function, but it does, and it works well 馃槉
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Great story for aspiring Arteon owners to be reading about.

For this reason I always suggest testing the safety systems ahead of time so you know what to expect in events like this.

Keep us posted on how things go as you rack up those miles.
These new AEB systems are a bit nerve-racking to test first hand, so its good to hear that it works as intended. Didn't realize that it worked in forwards and reverse.
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