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Hi all. I'm new on here. I'm really interested in a 2.0 tsi Arteon. Please could you give me you true miles per gallon as I do about 40 to 45 miles a day and at moment I drive a 2.0 diesel which is giving me about 49ish mpg. Thanks Ian
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I've had mine now for 36 months and I've kept a record of the fuel used over that period . It's in litres per 100km .
Avg 7.59 L/100KM
Min 6.63 L/100KM
Max 9.44 L/100KM
I do mostly highway driving . If you do mostly city driving the max figure would probably be closest to what you could expect .
I'll leave the conversion to mpg up to you

Thanks Phil for the info much appreciated.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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