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Hi everyone, just bought my first volkswagen! I love my arteon, so flashy, comfortable, and loaded with features! Definately checks all the boxes. I wanted to highlight a few things, and see what everyone else thinks with my first week driving.

Wireless charging is pretty much useless, and causes any phone to overheat and stop charging. So I have to make sure to have my phone 100%. I dont want to use a cable because it defeats the purpose of wireless carplay.

Only other thing. The fenders. Part of driving a moving peice of artwork is it's different. I find the fenders really do stick out a few inches causing me to scuff a panel yesterday in my parking garage, bringing it to my body shop tomorrow. Just something to get used to! Certainly not because im a bad driver, I do work at a large dealership, so I have driven just about anything of any size ranging from a Volkswagen Jetta to the atlas third row to the Chevrolet Suburban in and out of our 5 different showrooms.

I am really really happy with this car. I still have to pinch myself to remind me that I am not dreaming and this car is actually mine. Any recommendations with day to day driving habits? tech recommendations?
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