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Anyone here play simulator racing games like Forza?

I was curious to know what everyone's experience is like on the many options and configurations available to us like...
  • steering wheels
  • pedals
  • brands
  • platforms/consoles (ex. PC, Playstation, XBOX)
  • thrustmaster
  • sim racing rigs/cockpits
  • seats, gaming chairs
  • build or buy
  • what to look out for when buying or building
  • space requirements
  • screens/monitor setups
  • virtual reality
  • etc.

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The first time when I installed the game, was playing it on keyboard, at the beginning the control was strange for me, but finally I found how to sole it, and it was a stealing wheel. I played with it, at one of my friend's house, and was impressed. But he had a professional one, I took one used on eBay, but it works fine until now. Then I had to make upgrades to my PC, as the game was working for the lower settings, but I don't see the reason to play it low settings. I had a problem after I was advised to buy rocket league items, my PC finally decided that he will not do this. Now I have a really per format PC, I can use for work and games without problems. It is so conformable to use 2 monitors
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