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Hi there

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New member here, and also very new to the VW Arteon.

My wife and I have had a couple of VWs before (a Tiguan and a Touareg) and even more Audis, so we are very excited to experience how the Arteon is. We just bought a second hand R-line 2.0 TSI in Pyrit silver with most options included (a 6 months old administration car) with 13.000km on the road. I think we got a good deal, and the plan is to pick it up this Thirsday.

This will be our daily driver, and the only other car in the Family is a "hobby car" that rest all winter in the garage.

Looking very much forward to read more about the car on this forum and make my own experience - and share it here if it's of interest.

A few pics of the car with the winter alloys on:


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Welcome to the forum! Surprised there are second hand Arteons already when the model is so new to the market. How much was it if you don't mind me asking?

Also can't wait to hear about your first drive in it on Thursday.
Thank you.
This car was used by one of the CEOs at the Norwegian VW/Audi importer. First time on the road in July 2017, so one of the first that came to Norway.
Price in Norway is rather high, as we have very high car taxes here, but I was able to get it at € 16.000,- less than new price. It has very close to all available options (standard R-line seats in leather/alcantara combi with massage, so not the "top of the line" leather seats though).
Looking very much forward to tomorrow!
Glad to have a new member on the forum.
Seeing how tuner friendly the Arteon is I think eventually you could turn it into a semi-fun car ;)

Just look at the response from aftermarket companies already.
I allready checked with BSR (highly reputed Swedish tuning company) and they have a stage 1 tune allready (very similar to the Golf R tune). It's "plug and play" through the OBD-port, and bumps it up to 359hp / 460Nm. Cost is rather low - aprox € 600,-.
Don't think I will do it until warranty runs out though....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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