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Hi from West London, UK

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Hi All,

I have the Arteon 1.5 TSI Elegance DSG in Urano Grey and Mistral Interior. Only options ordered were the Park Assist and Rear View Camera (I am terrible at parking :grin:). Ordered it at beginning of January 2019 and delivered end of June 2019, so had nearly a 7 month wait.

I ordered it before they decided not to continue with the 1.5 engine in the UK, not sure why as it runs well and I'm getting between 50-55 mpg on long trips with mainly motorway driving, which I am really suprised but pleased with for such a large car. Much better than my old diesel that struggled to get anywhere near 50 mpg.

There's nothing better than sitting back and pretty much letting the Arteon do it all for you..

Cheers all,
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I heard VW has plans to get rid of some Golf trims, one of which shares the 1.5L engine we get.
Are you planning to add any modifications and/or accessories in the coming months?
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