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Hi from UK

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Just waiting to take delivery of my Arteon, hopefully next weekend.
I jumped the queue by buying a demonstrator from a nearby dealer.
Pure White R-Line 2.0TSi 190PS DSG.
I live in Kent in the UK which is in the SE corner. Been driving a Skoda Octavia VRS diesel for past 4-years. Another VW-group car based on the Mk7 Golf with MQB etc.

I'll post somep ics when I get it.
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Congrats on getting one so soon! Nothing wrong with demonstrators and you can sometimes even get additional incentives. Waiting for pick up is going to be the hard part but the weekend is coming!
Can't wait to see pictures of your new Arteon.
Welcome to the forum and congrats!

How long does it takes to get a vehicle from your dealership? Can't wait to see pics of your Arteon!
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