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Hi All From Sydney

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Hi all, I just picked up a white 280HP, Arteon Rline with the the sound and wheel package. I enjoyed the drive home through some nice twisting roads. Though I expect it will take some time to work out all the technology (or I need to ask a teenage kid).:wink:
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I'm in Sydney too . I've been looking at the VW and I'm almost ready to sign up . I have a couple of reservations and I would be interested to hear from a fellow Aussie road user .

I've been to look at the car , at Penrith VW , but not taken it for a test drive yet . I'm only really interested in how they perform on country roads . Mainly when overtaking .

It's a beautiful car and I really want it for the features and the safety aspect but a bit more power would be nice.

I also wish Australia got the pearl white and the silver "Rosario" wheels . Not a fan of the black wheels.

It was good of VW to reduce the price though.

Please post lots about your driving experience in the car . The good and the bad.
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Phil, Will do.

I also Purchased from VW Penrith.

I worked out the Adaptive Cruise Control; and Traffic Jam Assist today. The both work well, though the car wanted to follow the tar marks on the M2 road rather than the line markings once, but my 3.6l Subaru Outback did the same in the same spot. I was a little concerned about the turbo lag but am finding no issues with it so far.

Initial impressions are good, it is comfortable to drive, definitely quieter than my previous car and easy to park in some tight spots.

The only bad so far is a paint defect identified at the dealer and I am waiting for rectification.
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Bummer about the paint. If there's a good side it's not metallic so touch ups etc. should be ok . They won't have to spray a whole panel or panels .

I've solved my doubts about the power issue . Will be fitting an upgrade from ABT ( . Increases the HP to 336 and the torque to 420nm and comes with a drivetrain warranty. $3400 fitted .

All I have to do is pick a colour and order the car . You would have seen the black car in the showroom when you picked yours up . Nice !!!! .

Commonsense is telling me to go with white though .
Welcome to the forum!
Who needs common sense when it comes to cars! Just go with what you want I say, because that's the car you need to stare at every day so it may be better to go with what you like.
Congrats on the new Arteon and welcome to the forum! Pretty surprised to hear about a paint defect on a VW product, as typically they have much better finishes than other brands. Hopefully your dealer is able to resolve the issue. Is it isolate to just one area of the car or is it all over?
Went to another dealer today . Their website said they had a grey car in stock . Thought I'd check it out . Not seen a grey one yet .

Well they had it but it was in storage somewhere and I can't see it till Thursday ( today is Sunday ) when it will be in the showroom.

What they did have in stock though was a white car without the sunroof . I think this is what I'll get .

I like the black sunroof on the dark colours but not on the white . This is actually the first car I've seen without a sunroof in it .

As much as I like the black they're just too much maintenance so unless the grey colour grabs me on Thursday I'll be going with the white .

The money I save on the sunroof will pay for the factory extended warranty .

I'll let you know how I go next week .

p.s. They had a demo there which had been a tad close to some gutters . Let me tell you those black wheels show up the scrapes real bad . Major ugly .
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After one weeks ownership and about 800km’s traveled, my thoughts and ramblings are below.

I was initially sceptical about the traffic jam assist, thinking it was more a gimmick than something useful. How wrong can one be? I use it daily on my commute (around 80km’s each way) how did I ever survive driving a manual each day?

The car setup and the entertainment unit is easy to use (I did not need the teenage kids after all)

The car behaves well in traffic, on the freeway, and is fun to drive through some tight twisting roads.

Despite some concerns about power that the reviews seem to focus on, I have found the power to be ample, it is quick to pick up speed but you just don’t seem to feel it. There is a slight lag before the power picks up but once it does there is plenty of power there. The lag is no different to my old WRX.

I can fit my wife’s wheelchair and the shopping in the boot complete with the kids in the back seat. There are many SUV’S that could not fit all of that.

The foot under the rear bumper really opens the rear hatch. I have watched many people waving their legs under the rear other makes of car to no avail ( much to my twisted sense of amusement). The Arteon opens every time.

I find the HUD to be very useful. Clear both day and night. I have no problem with sunglasses however I wear driverware rather than Polaroid.

It is a shame that the system is not activated in Australia to read the speed limit signs nor can I get the speed limit to show in the HUD. That would be really useful.

The bottom line is I’m glad (so far) I spent the extra dollars and opted for the Arteon.

Phil. The white with no sunroof - that is what I went with.
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I couldn't wait . Went to Penrith today and ordered the car in white . No sunroof .

The car is still on the water and I should have it in about 3 weeks .

Getting excited now .

I think you are in for a long 3 weeks. But it is worth the wait.
Nearly three weeks of ownership and close to 3000km covered.

The good. Just about everything. I’m an very happy with the comfort, handling and performance of the car. The fuel economy is better than expected. It is the first car that I have had for a long time that I can get a weeks long distance commute without filling up, my previous cars needed filling up every 3 to 4 days.

The only negatives so far are every so often the low speed braking decides to activate when backing out of my drive. It scared the crap out of me the first time but now I put is down as the Arteon hates going to work like me some days. The other was a flat tyre. I can’t blame the car for that. I guess the flat stop tyres cannot cope with a Stanley knife blade.

VW is going to rectify the paint issue.

Bottom line is I’m happy with my purchase.
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