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Hey guys

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Just wanted to say hello as a new member. I'm really excited by what the Arteon is promising to deliver and I hope that we start to get more information soon. I've owned several Volkswagens in the past from the Golf to the Passat and its a bold choice for VW to introduce an all new sedan. I look forward to speculating with you guys about this behemoth of a sedan.
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Welcome to the forum! There's really no speculation needed anymore because the Arteon has been revealed already and the specs have been released to the public. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the configuration page to go up and the ordering books to open.
Glad to have a new member on the forum with some background in VW's..
How do you like how VW has grown and changed over the years leading up to product like the Arteon and Atlas because i think they have been game changing!
Yeah they certainly have come a long way, and its been great to see them enter new segments with brand new models. Volkswagen's have traditionally always put the driving experience first, but its great to see them stepping things up with the styling of their vehicles as well. It looks like early reviews of the new Arteon are quite positive with the exception of its premium price point. I guess it'll only be a matter of time before consumers get a sense of whether or not it's cost matches its value.
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