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Hello from the UK

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Bagged myself a Urano Grey R-line 190 DSG around 6 weeks ago. I've not seen another Arteon on the road in the UK yet but I'm guessing that will change soon with the amount of offers I've seen knocking about! This car definitely ticks the box for comfort, it replaced a slightly modified 65 plate M135i (before anyone asks, the Arteon is not any better on fuel). However I still plan to modify the Arteon too very shortly too :grin:


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Congrats - nice color!

What kind of mods are you planning to do?
Congrats - nice color!

What kind of mods are you planning to do?
I'm planning to change the downpipe and air intake, and fit a JB4 with bluetooth connect. I may possibly delete the resonator too, depending on how the downpipe makes it sound.
Hi Boost:smile:

Glad I'm not the only one on here with a 190ps and want a bit more power.

Not going down the remap route of an ECU flash for warranty purposes. Besides no decent tuner seem to be interested :surprise: Took the car to the nearest APR dealer so as they could read the ECU data for tuning options, that was 8 weeks ago and no news. Spoke to Celtic Tunng at the Autosport Show in January who promised details by the end on news. REVO wanted me to take the car to their nearest dealer to also read the ECU...which I couldn't be bothered to be their Guinea pig:sad:

I therefore looked at the JB4 but the Performance Centre in Sunderland never replied to me :sad:

In the absence of not being able to get any help with the JB4 I went into my local German specialist garage today to enquire about a DTUK tuning box which I know is available for the model and it claim to hike the power to 240ps and the torque from 320 to 400Nm. It also has provision for bluetooth app control which I beleive you can adjust on the fly :grin:

I was also looking at possibly some RacingLine R600 hoses and filter but it was suggested that it would be money wasted for a minimal return if any:plain:

Please keep me updated on any progression, as will I.


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