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Stateside driver here....entering my 5th decade of motoring. My pedigree ranges from owning a Gremlin ( I know crap when I drive it) to Audi A8's with a smattering of everything in between. My first VW was a new '84 Rabbit.... traded it on on the then-hot '86 GTI with a whopping 104hp. Beat the tar out of that car over 6 years and 160k miles... from Nelson's Ledges to Mid-Ohio race tracks and as a daily driver, it never missed a beat. Three-wheel cornering at it's finest! Briefly had a '96 Passat with the VR6 engine.
And now I find myself in an Arteon. What a stupid name for a car. So far the only thing worse than the name is the illogically- structured and information-missing owners manual. Is mine missing a section or did they just figure you really don't need to know how many quarts of oil it takes, or what is the coolant capacity?

I am honored to be in rare company. I've owned numerous low-volume cars and revel in the exclusiveness.

This is one truly fine automobile that I am excited to own. My Oryx White has 6400 miles and I paid $42k.

I'll check back in later... I'm off to tack 2600 miles onto the odo on a quick 7-day getaway.
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