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Now that I've got used to my new Arteon, I love just about everything about it. There are, however, a few niggles, and I wondered if anyone on here has experienced, or knows a solution to, any of the following:

1. UNABLE TO TURN OFF THE INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM - I cannot figure out any way to properly turn off the screen in the centre console. Any time I gently clean it (which is frequently because it really shows up finger marks), I am rapidly triggering the various buttons and gesture control, to the point that I have caused the system to malfunction more than once. How do you actually fully turn it off?

2. ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL - On a motorway, even with Front Assist deactivated, and the distancing set to 'very close', the car starts automatically braking when I am hundreds of yards away from the car in front. The result is that I have to move into the overtaking lane far too early, to avoid my speed dipping. Standard cruise control is so much better! Is there a way to over-ride this over-cautious system?

3. KNOCKING FROM PETROL CAP - After longer journeys, when I pull up and switch off, I can hear a very regular knocking sound (once per second) from behind the fuel cap. It's loud enough to be noticeable and lasts a considerable amount of time. Any ideas?

4. FOLDING MIRRORS - One of my mirrors takes about a second longer than the other to move into place. It's not a big deal, but just a bit irritating when it's been perfectly synchronised on all the other VWs I've owned. Anyone else noticed this?

5. RADIO STATION LOGOS - On the preset radio station screen, only one of the stations actually displays an associated logo. I've tried, but can't find any way to change the others, which just show a blank space. Anyone managed?

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