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GoodYear Officially VW Arteon Tire

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The OE tires that will be fitted onto the Volkswagen Arteon will be the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 which is a ultra-high performance tire

The sizes will be 225/55/R17 97W and 245/45/R18 96W both featuring the new Goodyear SealTech technology.

The SealTech technology will essentially save you from any puncture that is 5mm deep or less in the tread area as the tire will automatically seal itself back. Not a run-flat.

Here's a video on how it works:

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Finally something much better than run flat tires, they were great for low profile applications but were very expensive due to its construction. These seem much simpler and still just as effective. Do you think this style of tire will replace run flats?
Really depends on the cost of manufacturing these self sealing tires compared to run-flats. These actually seem more puncture resistant, though maybe up to certain sized nails. I'd actually like to see a real life one get punctured.
A great idea if they can keep the cost reasonable.
Seem to be Pirelli P-Zero Seal Inside from what I've seen, not these Goodyears.
Got a 2019 model and it came with Pirelli P-Zero Seal Inside as standard. Seems to be the norm from what I can tell.
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