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Euro NCAP Crash Test VW Arteon

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The VW Arteon has been awarded a 5-star safety rating by the Euro NCAP. The video and results are posted below along with a link to the site. I just normally enjoying watching these videos though. The front end seemed to take that impact very well though

Adult Occupant - 96%
Child Occupant - 85%
Pedestrian - 85%
Safety Assist - 82%

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Looking at how it took that impact and the numbers you reported, this could very well be one of the safest sedans for someone to own. Great look for VW since they were looking for stronger American products when it comes to sales, safety is one way to get more sales.
It definitely is really safe and the main thing is it's safe across the board. People these days really look at these things and it's always a good sign of a quality product utilizing quality materials. Everyone these days are under the impression that cars these days are made with garbage cheap materials. This shows otherwise.
Not garbage cheap materials, just more flimsy aluminum to cut down on weight. But the NCAP tests will help consumers like us weed out those that under performs in safety. An 85% pedestrian safety rating is actually very impressive and where other cars are lacking.
Although car makers have been using cheaper materials they have found ways to still make the effective and just as strong so i'm not exactly concerned about what will happen but when you buy a cheaper product with so many features and so much going for it, you have to expect this.
In these cases, the support structure uses the sturdier materials while body panels are produced with aluminum and lightweight materials. Should be fine so long as the crash absorbing bits do their job.
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