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Drivers side Low Beam more purple color than passenger's side

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Hi everyone.

I purchased an Arteon last month (love it!!!!). Last week, when driving up to my garage, I noticed that my low beam headlight's color on the driver's side had a more purple tone than the other headlight (passenger's side. Has a light blue color to it). I checked it appearance from the outside, and while standing in front of the car, I can definitely tell the difference. It's pretty minor, and does not worsen my visibility in any way, nor does it annoy me, so that is not the case.

I took my car to service out of curiosity, and was told it may be the bulb going bad, or the ballast, or even be the case as it was on the older Phaeton's, where the lights would differ in color due to the coating of the headlight (till the coating would burn off).

Since there are a very small amount of Arteon's on American road's, the service folks have never had an Arteon visit their service yet.

I was told it is not anything serious, and I should just ignore it and keep driving, while they promised to call VW and find out more (which is absolutely fine with me!).

Today, I get a text from the manager telling me to bring my car to have its lights checked out again. I asked him if they will need to disassemble my headlight to see, and he said most likely. I am very apprehensive of taking my car there now, because I feel there is a much higher risk of getting something else messed up (wiring, sensors, etc.), since the Arteon has so much technology, and I absolutely don't want anyone touching it for as long as possible. She only has a little over 1000 miles.

Has anyone ever had anything similar, and if so, what was the repair solution?

Thank you very much.
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