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Drainage hole under the gas cap.

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My drainage hole seems to be without an opening, just like there is a propp where the hole should be. The result is that after rain or washing the car, it is always some water under the gas cap behind the cover to the gas cap.
Not a problem in summer, but in winter time this will freze up to a nice ice block, which might make it hard to open the cover or the gas cap.
How does this drain hole look like in your Arteons? Is it open or does it look plugged? (Does it drain away the water or does it not?)
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I tried to make a hole with a sharp pointed object. I had to use a little force, and then the "plug" suddenly dissapeared, and now the opening is the same size as the diameter of the hole.
I suspect it was a drainage tube there (that was closed/plugged at the end in my case), and when I tried to open it with the pointed object, it was pushed out of the hole.
Not shure where the drained water now ends up, but I need to be carefull not to spill any gas....
Don't think the drained water will cause any problems. Probabely just ends up on top of the rear wheel arch.
Will mention it next time I have it in for service.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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