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Cruise control crazy braking

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While driving few times the cruise uncontrollably slams on the brakes - usually happens on a familiar motorway, just prior to a junction when level with the slip road. Need to override quickly by stepping on the gas in order to avoid cars behind me crashing in the back. Anyone experienced similar event, is it a software problem and how can it be fixed?
Dr P. Popov,
Telford, UK
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If your driving in the left lane ,by default, the car is set up to slow down if it detects a car in the right lane ( rhd cars ) and will slow down if that car is going slower than you . I'm not sure if your dealer can override this but I changed it with the use of an OBD11. Also have a look in your settings menu and make sure the car is set to the correct side of the road .

I have been living with this since I got the Arteon in 2018. VW do not want to know. I was able to prove to VW that it was the car missreading speed limits and breaking the car to match the (incorrect) correct speed. You can disable it completely or partially in the INFOT user settings. Here is typically what happens.

For UK versions, the software is written to allocate 60mph (you see it on the dash icons), for motorway slip roads. So when joining or leaving a motorway the car will be restricted to 60 mpg. There are several instances where is allocates 30 mph or 40 mph roads, 20 mpg on 30 mph roads, and 60 mph on 70 mph dual carriage ways.. I reported to VW that suddenly braking to 60 mph on a 70 mph Mway is annoying to followers, invites roadrage from followers, and invites a rear end shunt session with all the possible imaginable consequences.

The official reply from dealer was "Ohh, never heard of that (mate)..., try waiting for next map update". I told them I had already installed THREE map updates and not one of the error zones had been corrected.

In my current thinking all the above is still true but the fact is that "violent" brake application is not part of ACC management. The "violence" aspect of braking is more to do with settings in INFOT.

a) how it will brake when a object or vehicle is sensed in front (collision avoidment). So if drving behind a car at 70mpg and it (Arteon) suddenly thinks it is 60mph, the braking is to increase that gap !
b) How the excess speed is set in INFOT. There is a slider 0 mph to 12 MPH of speed excess that you personally condone for exceeding the (Arteon) view of limit before braking is introduced. So if you set 3 mph excess as your requirement, and you are on a 70mph carriageway, if it mistakenly says 60mph, it will brake you if driving over 63 mph.

There is also an INFOT setting to set whether Arteon reacts with just a PINGing sound, or does nothing at all.

There are roads near me where Arteon signals 30mph when driving along 70mph carriageways, always at the same locations and within +/- one meter GPSwise. It is because Arteon has seen a layby. I tried covering the camera behind the interior mirror to both prove and to solved it. But after so many miles the Arteon takes action to stop you driving because your car Arteon thinks you car is unsafe and has to be take it a workshop.

Sadly, the autonomous capabilities of present semi smart cars is very poor. Weirdly I seldom see complaints, only violent reactions from my passengers (thinking "what the f*** is this driver doing"
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