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CarAdvice Reviews the Arteon

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They call it a worthy flagship for VW and there's certainly a lot to like when it comes to the Arteon. Car Advice liked the design, roomy rear seats, practicality of the car, engine, handling and the large amount of features. OF course it's not perfect and they would like to see a conventional automatic transmission, but still a great car.

2018 Volkswagen Arteon review | CarAdvice
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I like how they bring up Audi's Virtual Cockpit which depending on who you ask can be the only reason needed to go to Audi. If its upsell to Audi i'm thinking it is then odds are we won't be seeing too many changes with the current Active Info Display.

The Active Info Display digital instrument cluster's set-up is different to Audi's Virtual Cockpit. You can't alter the size of the speedo/tacho dials on the 12.3-inch display, though there are multiple selectable centre display views.
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