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Bonjour ! Another Arteon from france !

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Hi everybody! First of all please forgive me I may not speak english as you.
I'm 32 years old.
I learned to drive on an autobianchi Y10 fire (lol) and a chrysler stratus V6 convertible.
After I got a Chrysler Sebring convertible V6 from my father (thanks!)
I first bought an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Red, 1.4 170 Multi air (petrol of course) that I kept 6 years.

I alors have a Suzuki Bandit 650N (2006).

I bought a Volkswagen ARTEON that I received mid february.

Unfortunately I crashed him on a van (front right side) and it's been 7 weeks it's not repaired yet... !

They have problems to get some pieces from Germany.

My arteon is RED CHILI.
2.0 TSI 190 DSG
R Line exclusive
wheels 20' Rosario silver
active suspension (air suspension ? I don't know to translate lol)
Camera 360
Keyless (doors and trunk)
Side airbags for back passengers
Remot heat !
and the aluminium inside so it's less black and less passât style !

I made two changes:

See ya !
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new Arteon! Sorry to hear that its already been in an accident. Any word on how long it's going to take to source the parts for repair?
Your English is better than my French. Or my English for that matter :) No need to apologise.

I like the red. I have never seen one on the road - only in pictures.

Sorry to hear about the accident and the delays in the repairs. Is their any particular parts causing the delay or just general parts from Germany.

I like your modifications, how did you do the door lights?
Welcome! Sorry to hear about your accident, I think the delay in repairs is because there just aren't enough extra parts available for a new model. So bumper and fender parts may be hard to come by with other things taking priority in the production line.

How did you like the Arteon for the short amount of time you had it?
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