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In 2017 the price was $73400 . Only two options were available at the time . One was a package which included 20" wheels and upgraded dynaudio . The other being a sunroof . Both these options were priced at $2500.

In early 2018 the price was dropped to $68990 and sound and wheels were included . Total saving of all most 7k.

VW is now offering a 3k factory rebate on cars built in 2018 . The price, with rebate, will be $66940.

VW has also upgraded the warranty , as of January 2019 , from 3 years to 5 years unlimited k's .

In Australia we only get the 280 petrol R model . Only option now is the sunroof and if you don't like white you will pay extra for a different colour .

I compared the Aussie spec car price to the UK price using the build your car feature on the UK VW website . The only options we don't have on our cars are the heated front screen, smokers pack and luggage mat. We also get the rear spoiler and luggage net which are listed as accessories .

The UK price came up as $91691 AUD . 49201 in UK money.

Why would it be more expensive in the UK than Australia ?
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