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Arteon SE 2019 Radio Station logos

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Hi all newbie here

I’m struggling to add radio station logos to my system, got them on an SD Card at the moment but when I goto the station and
add logo nothing shows for the SD card?

Help appreciated thanks
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Last time one of the radio station from my list somehow lost a picture. Because I couldn't bring it back, I decided to download from this page pack of pics (you have to unpack them from .zip or .7z file). I saved them on USB but I'm sure it doesn't metter if it is on USB or SD card. Go to radio menu -> click on right bottom corner "settings" icon -> choose station logos field -> choose radio station which you want to change logo and delete present picture -> click one more time and show directory with pictures. Here is how to do this:

BTW I'm really courious how it worked on the begining. I live in Poland on the border with Germany and when I bought car, I set up radio stations and all of them (germans and polish) appeared with logos immidiately.

Let me know if you need still help.
Great info, saving this for my own use.
Too bad automakers don't provide enough educational info on new vehicles.
Lots of people get lost on this new tech and end up not using it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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